Winning with Flair: 16 Lessons from the Dirtiest Player in the Game

Winning with Flair

Lesson 1 : Recognize greatness, then steal from it

Picasso famously said, “Good artists copy but great artists steal.”

Ric Flair must have admired Picasso because his entire gimmick was essentially stolen from an all-time great wrestling legend that preceded him by a generation.

“Nature Boy” Buddy Rogers (via

The original “Nature Boy” Buddy Rogers was a multiple-time world champion and hall-of-fame wrestler. Like Flair, Rogers had bleached blonde hair, strutted around the ring arrogantly like a peacock and played the crowd like a fiddle. He also used the Figure-Four leglock as a signature move. Basically Buddy Rogers was Ric Flair three decades before Ric Flair existed.

Flair idolized Buddy Rogers and appropriated the Nature Boy persona as his own, inciting a rivalry between the two Nature Boys that would culminate in a match in 1978. Flair’s detractors accuse him of stealing his idol’s persona, but he did beat him for it which in wrestling circles counts as a passing of the torch.

Next Lesson : Never give up

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