Winning with Flair: 16 Lessons from the Dirtiest Player in the Game

Winning with Flair

Lesson 4 : Play dirty

There’s a reason they call Ric Flair the dirtiest player in the game. So committed to winning was he that he was willing to lower himself to all kinds of deceptive schemes to gain an upper hand over the competition. This meant sacrificing his integrity and sometimes even his pride.

One of Flair’s most well-known tactics was to feign cowardice in the face of a surging opponent; one moment begging for mercy and then gouging an eye out as soon as the adversary lets his guard down.

Ric Flair combo #1: Beg for mercy followed by an eye poke (found via Google Image, used here for educational purpose only)

The other variation of this scenario often ended with the Naitch tenderizing his opponent’s balls with a Shoryuken.

Ric Flair combo #2: Dragon uppercut to the balls (found via Google Image, used here for educational purpose only)

Getting to the top is the easy part; staying at the top for as long as Ric Flair did took a willingness to break every rule in the book. If the Nature Boy has taught us anything it is that in the face of adversity, you don’t need to act like a hero. Leave the tough guy act to suckers like that bald-headed nimrod Goldberg. Acting brave won’t get you far. When the smoke settles, all that really matters is winning. How one goes about achieving that is secondary.

Next Lesson : Swagger like Flair

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