Winning with Flair: 16 Lessons from the Dirtiest Player in the Game

Winning with Flair

Lesson 6: Words have power

Love him or hate him, Slick Ric in his prime was a phenomenal in-ring performer, but his true genius resided in an indelible ability to cut soul-stirring promos. Whenever the bright lights were on and the Nature Boy stood behind a microphone, he knew the exact words to say to captivate his audience. Leave it to the Naitch to sell the next big money fight; his intensity could make your blood boil and send electricity throughout your body.

Whether to get himself over or tearing down a rival through psychological warfare, Ric Flair weaponized words to influence perception. Perception in the circus world of professional wrestling might as well have been reality. Ric Flair understood this power he held and he shamelessly talked a big game: the styling and profile, the limousine riding, the jet flying, the Rolex wearing… He made the world believe in all of it, and these things eventually manifested into his shoot reality.

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