Winning with Flair: 16 Lessons from the Dirtiest Player in the Game

Winning with Flair

Lesson 8: Work hard, play harder

I bleed like nobody else.

Ric Flair

No one has ever reached the top by accident; and nobody especially, could maintain the number one position for as long as Ric Flair did, unless self-discipline and hard work were involved. In other words, you have to be willing to bleed for your goals.

Ric Flair may have been one of the hardest workers in all of pro wrestling, but he also had a notorious reputation as a wild party animal.

Jim Ross revealed the following story about Ric Flair’s partying ways.

“You’d walk into a hotel bar with about 30-40 strangers in it, and Ric would just walk up to the bar and order 100 kamikazes, take them around to all the tables, do the Flair strut and the woooooooo’s. […] He’d buy kamikazes for the whole bar and watch them all get hammered. It would cause an Animal House-like environment where all these strangers would be hugging each other. You’ve got insurance salesman woooo’ing, women swooning, music would come on, and he’d start dancing with everybody’s wives, having a great time. That was not an unusual night.”

Jim Ross, A Long Conversation With Jim Ross (Part I) (Published on The Big Lead)

To further corroborate Flair’s reputation as a party animal, the late Brian Pillman, a wild man in his own right, recounted this anecdote to his personal friend Kim Wood.

“Ric Flair likes me, and now, I gotta go out with him every night! The wrestling is a piece of cake, but two-thirds of the drinks he orders, I poured into potted plants, and I still get too fucked up to move! And then, he’s in the rental car at 7 a.m., ready to go!”

Brian Pillman, Hardcore History: The Extremely Unauthorized Story of the ECW

If Flyin’ Brian F’n Pillman couldn’t keep up with the Naitch then that’s Bulls dynasty Dennis Rodman level hard partying.

In life and success there is a time for work and a time for play. Ric Flair did both amazingly well.

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