Wu-Tang Clan: Kung-Fu Flicks that Inspired their Names

Wu-Tang Clan: Kung-Fu Flicks that Inspired their Names

Masta Killa

Masta Killa x The 36th Chamber of Shaolin, AKA Master Killer (1978)

This is an obvious one! Gordon Liu’s (劉家輝) Monk San-Te character in the classic The 36th Chamber of Shaolin (少林三十六房, 1978), aka Master Killer, started off as a layman but later becomes a kung fu expert upon mastering the skills of the 35 existing chambers of Shaolin. The story goes that Masta Killa was the only member of the Wu who did not have any rapping skills prior to the group’s formation. Once again, urban legend has it that Masta Killa was competing against Killah Priest for the final spot on Da Mystery of Chessboxin, and Killah Priest fell asleep in the studio while Masta Killa stayed up all night to write his verse. The RZA bestowed the name upon him as a metaphor on his journey into the art of emceeing — from layman to eventual master.

“We have an APB on an MC Killer
Looks like the work of a Master
Evidence indicates that his stature
Merciless like a terrorist hard to capture”

Da Mystery of Chessboxin, Masta Killa

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