Wu-Tang Clan: Kung-Fu Flicks that Inspired their Names

Wu-Tang Clan: Kung-Fu Flicks that Inspired their Names

Ol’ Dirty Bastard aka ODB (RIP)

ODB x Ol’ Dirty & The Bastard (1979)

There may have been no father to his style, but the craziest and arguably the most beloved member of Wu-Tang got his name from An Old Kung Fu Master (一老一少一根釘, released in 1981), aka Ol’ Dirty and the Bastard, which starred Simon Yuen (袁小田) in one of his most iconic roles as Ol’ Dirty. Simon Yuen was known for his comedic portrayals of dirty characters, the most famous of which is Beggar So (aka Sam The Seed), Jacky Chan’s sifu in Drunken Master (醉拳, 1978). Sadly in an instance of life imitating art (or vice versa), much like ODB himself, Simon Yuen left this world with an unfinished legacy in 1979. Supposedly, he was set to reprise his role as Beggar So in an upcoming movie titled The Magnificent Butcher (林世榮, released 1980) alongside Sammo Hung. Following his untimely death however, the role went to a lesser-known actor named Fan Mei Sheng (樊梅生). (Foreshadowing, note #1: this piece of information is crucial for the origin of the last Wu-Tang member on this list.)

“The Ol’ Dirty Bastard is dirty and stinking
Ason Unique rolling with the night of the creeps
Niggas be rolling with a stash, ain’t saying cash
Bite my style I’ll bite your motherfucking ass!”

Protect Ya Neck, Ol’ Dirty Bastard

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