Wu-Tang Clan: Kung-Fu Flicks that Inspired their Names

Wu-Tang Clan: Kung-Fu Flicks that Inspired their Names

U-God aka Golden Arms

U-God aka Golden Arms x The Kid with the Golden Arm (1979)

Before he took on the mantle of U-God, he was known as Golden Arms, a direct reference to The Kid with the Golden Arm (金臂童, 1979). In the film, the Golden Arm Kid is a ruthless but honorable chief of the Chi Sah Gang who attempt to steal a cargo of government gold dedicated to relieving famine. The title role is portrayed by Lo Meng (羅莽), aka Toad of the famous Venom Mob. While there is no disputing that U-God also stands for Universal God according to the terminology of Supreme Alphabet/Mathematics, there is an interpretation that links both aliases together.

First, the difference between GOLD and GO_D is the removal of the letter L. This is interesting because the letter L represents “LOVE, HELL and RIGHT” according to the Supreme Alphabet. Thus the removal of the letter could signify the casting away of HELL, or evil. In a sense, this could be a metaphor because the pursuit of riches (represented by GOLD) leads to evil, but once that evil is recognized and repugnated, one finds truth and virtue (represented by GO_D).

How is this related to the movie? In more ways than you can imagine. At the end of The Kid with the Golden Arm, the Golden Arm Kid vows to retire from his evil ways after he obtains the gold upon defeating his enemies, but he is immediately killed instead. The conversion from Golden Arms to U-God is a response to the warning depicted in the final outcome of this character. It is for this same reason that U-God named his first solo album Golden Arms Redemption (1999).

As for the letter U, one only needs to picture two arms raised to the sky in victory. (Oh, damn!)


Therefore, U-God = Golden Arms redeemed from Hell/Evil

“Weak MC’s approach with slang that’s dead
You might as well run into the wall and bang your head
I’m pushing force, my force you’re doubting
I’m making devils cower to the Caucus Mountains”

Da Mystery of Chessboxin, U-God

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