Wu-Tang Clan: Kung-Fu Flicks that Inspired their Names

Wu-Tang Clan: Kung-Fu Flicks that Inspired their Names

Inspectah Deck aka Fifth Brother

Inspectah Deck x The Eight Diagram Pole Fighter (1983)

I know you have been waiting for this one. Quite simply, Inspectah Deck is one of the unsung heroes of the Wu and probably the name that has caused the most head scratches over the past two decades. Widely considered one of the Clan’s premiere lyricists, he is known for keeping a low profile while leaving the shine to some of the more flamboyant crew members, like Ghost and Meth. But don’t get it twisted: despite his calm demeanor, Rebel INS is a lyrical assassin on the cipher. The RZA once said this about him: “Inspectah Deck, he’s like that dude that’ll sit back and watch you play yourself and all that right? And see you sit there and know you lyin; and he’ll take you to court after that, cuz he the Inspectah.” OK, that explains the first part of the name, but what about Deck?

One of the INS’ nicknames is Fifth Brother.

In 1983, Shaw Brothers released one of their last kung fu movies entitled The Eight Diagram Pole Fighter (五郎八卦棍, 1983), a story about seven brothers from the legendary Yeung/Yang (杨) military family of the Song Dynasty who were betrayed by a corrupt general and ambushed by their Khitan enemies. Five of the seven brothers were killed in the attack. Of the two brothers who survived, Yeung Chieu, the sixth brother (Alexander Fu Sheng, 傅聲) made it home, while the fifth brother (Gordon Liu, 劉家輝) evaded capture and became a Shaolin monk. The name of this brother was Yeung Dak. This is where the Inspectah got the Deck part of his name.

“I smoke on the mic like smokin’ Joe Frazier
The hell-raiser, raising hell with the flavor
Terrorize the jam like troops in Pakistan
Swinging through your town like your neighborhood Spiderman”

Protect Ya Neck, Inspectah Deck

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