I am back

By Téoriki

Bastard of Bruce, the Wu and Puroresu, Téoriki is an independent blogger who is passionate about combat sports. From 2013 to 2015 he ran RUDOMANIA! the lazy but talented sports culture blog. He famously deciphered the Wu-Tang Clan's monikers by pinpointing each of their names to specific old school kung-fu movie references. This particular piece has since been appropriated, spliced and re-shared multiple times on Imgur and Reddit without due credit. In 2015, during a brief stint as associate editor for Last Word on Sports MMA, he and his team correctly predicted the championship ascensions of Holly Holm, Amanda Nunes and Stipe Miocic up to a full year ahead of these events. Téoriki only writes for the culture. Give credit where credit is due. Fuck the plagiarists.

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